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Academic Support - Cleveland State Community College - Cleveland State Community College

Academic Support

Cleveland State Athletics Academic Success Program

Objective: To ensure each student/athlete associated with the Cleveland State athletic program has the opportunity to achieve academic success while attending Cleveland State. The Academic Success Program is a guideline for student/athletes and athletic staff to follow to ensure that students are able to meet minimum standards set by the NJCAA as well as the College, and to have students reach academic success in terms of retention, graduation and be in a position to transfer to senior colleges after attending Cleveland State.

Academic Plan:

  • Each student will be encouraged to enroll in a minimum of 15 hours per semester.
  • Students will be required to attend all classes throughout the semester.
  • Attend college-sponsored workshops and support programs regarding academic success and college life.
  • Attend a student success or study skills class prior to the beginning of classes in August to help students prepare for the academic year.
  • Meet with academic advisors twice per semester.
  • Meet with respective coach twice per semester to discuss academic progress report. Identify classes that a student is struggling with and develop a plan to improve academic progress in that class.
  • Make efforts to identify incoming student athletes who are at academic risk based on high school GPA and ACT scores. Provide a plan using college resources to help students meet academic expectations.
  • Utilize study halls if it is determined that it will be beneficial for the students.
  • Utilize the college-sponsored tutoring program.
  • Coaches should be in contact with faculty to monitor student athlete academic progress.
  • Student athletes should meet NJCAA eligibility requirements at the conclusion of each semester.

Cleveland State Athletics

Academic Success Resources for Student/Athletes

Access Center: Located in Student Center, room 118

Smarthinking: Online tutoring program for Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Computers, etc.

Degree Works: Web-based program to track degree progress, enhance advisement and academic planning

Early Alert Program: Faculty report on academic progress and attendance

Student Success Counseling: Personal development workshops, study skills information, transfer infomation

Disability Support Services: Assistance for individuals with documented disabilities

Advising: AAS Advisor for Business and Technology, Academic Advising

Math Lab: Located in Administration Building 2nd Floor, room 207. If you are registered in a math class, you are required to spend 2 hours per week in the math lab.

Learning Support Lab: Reading and writing support/tutoring. Located on the 2nd floor of the Humanities building, rooms, 291, 221, 223, 225

Progress Reports: Monthly reports in which instructors give immediate feedback on each students progress in each class (grades, attendance, instructor comments, etc.)

Team Study Hall: Weekly team study sessions, planned and administered by coaches.