TCCAA Hall of Fame Inductees - Cleveland State Community College - Cleveland State Community College

TCCAA Hall of Fame Inductees

Year Inducted Sport
Dr. L. Quentin Lane full bio Dr. L. Quentin Lane Year Inducted: 1998-1999 Sport: President
Jim Cigliano full bio Jim Cigliano Year Inducted: 2000-2001 Sport: Vice President, Athletic Director
Steve Longley full bio Steve Longley Year Inducted: 2008-2009 Sport: Coach, Athletic Director
Hugh Walker full bio Hugh Walker Year Inducted: 2010-2011 Sport: Women's Basketball Coach
Joe Crabtree full bio Joe Crabtree Year Inducted: 2014-2015 Sport: Coach, Athletic Director
Dan Trotter full bio Dan Trotter Year Inducted: 2015-2016 Sport: Men's Basketball Coach