CSCC Cross Country Completes 5K Race

CSCC Cross Country Completes 5K Race

Cleveland State Men's and Women's Cross Country had a great start to the 2018 season on Saturday, August 25th at the local Junior Achievement Race to Achieve 5k. The race took place on the Cleveland Greenway starting at Tinsley Park. It went out and back, and was mostly flat terrain. Head Coach David Kyle used this race as a time trial, just to see where the student athletes are on a fast course. "I was very pleased with all the athletes. I wanted my 5 men to finish 1-5 overall and that is what they did. The ladies all had a good first race as well. Luis Perez and Madison Guider defended their titles from last year capturing the overall titles. We still have a lot of work to do to get where we want, but this was a good start. We will see how we fair on a true trail cross country course next week when we travel to Covenant College."


Junior Achievement 5K Race Results:

Luis Perez                        1st                    17:21 5:35

Derek Gallardo                 2nd                   17:44 5:43

Alec Bloomer                    3rd                   18:18 5:54

David Tullock                    4th                   18:18 5:54

Alberto Dominguez           5th                    18:46 6:03


Coach David Kyle             14th                   20:56 6:44


Madison Guider               15th                    21:12 6:50

Whitney McConnell          22nd                   23:13 7:29

KiAna Queener                26th                   24:01 7:44

Alexis Kyle                      37th                   25:17 8:09

Sadie Lane                      51st                   27:21 8:49